Lasker to Nobel: Clinical versus Basic-Part 2

Oct 12 2015 Published by under Uncategorized

In a recent post, I analyzed more than 50 years of Lasker Award winners with regard to the likelihood that a winner went on to receive a Nobel Prize. Six percent of the Lasker Clinical Science awardees had gone on to receive Nobel Prizes compared with 48% of the Laster Basic Science awardees.

Driven in part by a comment on this post, I looked at the degrees received by these Nobel laureates in the course of their training. Of the six Clinical Science awardees, 2 had MDs, 1 had an undergraduate medical degree (MB ChB), 2 had PhDs, and 1 had an engineering degree. As far as I can tell, none of the six were active in clinical practice.

Of the 58 Basic Science awardees, 22 had MDs (or MD-PhDs). Some of these MDs completed internships and residencies, but very few of them appear to have been active in clinical practice passed their training.

For Nobel prizes that went to multiple researchers, there do not appear to be few or no examples of awards to clinical sciences and basic scientists working together on a project.

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