K99-R00 Publication Analysis-Part 7-High Profile Publications

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In my first post in this series, I noted that approximately 20% of the 2007 cohort of K99 awardees had a "very high profile" (Science, Nature, Cell, New England Journal of Medicine, or JAMA) publication and 40% had some other "high profile" (PNAS, other Cell or Nature journal, Journal of Clinical Investigation) publication during or prior to 2007. Following comments, I noted in a later post that the distribution was not uniform across investigators supported by the various NIH institutes and centers.

Here, I examine such "high profile" publications both before and after the K99 awards. The distribution of the number of "high profile" publications across a pool of 132 K99-R00 investigators who received their K99 awards in FY2007 is shown below:

Glamor pub histogram-2

The average number of Science, Nature, Cell, NEJM, or JAMA papers is 0.8 per investigator with a range of 0 to 9. More than 60% of these investigators have not published in Science, Nature, Cell, NEJM, or JAMA, either before or after receiving the K99 award. The average number of other "high profile" publications is 2.6 per investigator with a range of 0 to 26.

To depict the relationship between the number of high profile publication before and after receiving the K99 award, the number of all "high profile" publications after 2008 is plotted versus the number of all "high profile" publications in 2008 or before is plotted below:

Correlation glamor

The overall correlation coefficient is 0.59. Note that several investigators who had not published any "high profile" publications prior to receiving the K99 award have published such papers subsequently and many of these were published during the R00 phase or subsequently.

Updated:  In response to comments on Twitter, I looked as last author publications. Of the 47 Science, Nature, Cell, NEJM, JAMA papers published after 2008, 17 had the K99 awardee as last author. Of the 174 other "high profile" publications published after 2008, 70 had the K99 awardee as last author.

Below is a plot of the number of "high profile" last author publications versus the number of "high profile" first author publications. The numbers on the graph correspond to the numbers of investigators represented by each data point.

Glamor-First-Last plot

The correlation coefficient is 0.47.

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