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I want to add my voice to those thanking Drugmonkey today. I started reading Drugmonkey when I was Director of NIGMS at NIH. While the blog could certainly be a bit strident, the author was generally more well informed about NIH policies, practices, and realities than almost anyone that I had met either inside or outside NIH. Over time, I started to comment on Drugmonkey posts when I thought I could add something to the discussion. This experience led me to start reading other blogs and this, in turn, let me to work with the excellent communications staff at NIGMS to launch the NIGMS Feedback Loop just in time for the ARRA funding chaos. Drugmonkey was very encouraging of this effort and we became frequent cross-commenters.

After I left NIGMS, I remained interested in blogging and was delighted when Drugmonkey and his/her colleagues at Scientopia invited me to join. After some time for consideration, Datahound was born. As this post indicates, Datahound is still alive and well although I am spending much of my blogging time at my newest blog Sciencehound. I greatly appreciate the personal, if mostly indirect, mentoring I have received from Drugmonkey as well as the service Drugmonkey provides to the scientific community in general (especially early career folks). Thanks!

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  • drugmonkey says:

    Many thanks to you for pulling so much of the NIH's business into the light.

    • genomicrepairman says:

      To echo DM's sentiments, thank you for taking this bureaucratic monolith that is the NIH and making it digestible for even a lowly graduate student like I was when I started reading your stuff.

  • pablito says:

    Well said, Data Hound. I started reading DM years ago when I was a mid-career PI frustrated with the competition for NIH grants. I learned more from DM's posts, and from the diversity of opinion provided by his stable of commentators over the years (CPP, Whimple, Luigi, TOD, Qaz, Ola, Philapodia, etc. etc.) than from a hundred around-the-water-cooler bull sessions. After leaving science, I still read the blog but mainly for entertainment now.

  • Drug Monkey's blog is truly one of a kind. His blogs give us an unique perspective. I personally love his witty banter on serious science topics. Data Hound perfectly descibed DM's blog. Here's to many more exciting and funny blogs from Drug monkey.

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