First Outstanding Investigator (R35) Awards from NCI

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The R35 mechanism is emerging at NIH as a mechanism for providing more stable (i.e. longer-term and for research programs rather than projects) support for selected investigators. The first R35 program out of the box was the NCI Outstanding Investigator Award, followed by the NIGMS MIRA Award. NINDS has also recently announced an outstanding program as well.

The first 17 R35 awards from NCI appeared in NIH RePORTER recently. These investigators cover the NCI mission fairly well (biology, genomics, surveillance, prevention including behavior, treatment). These investigators also have a wide range of funding with core support for FY2014 ranging from $230 K annual total costs to $5.8 M with a median of approximately $700 K total costs (although these values are somewhat subject to judgment since considerable support comes from P30 Cancer Center grants and program project grants (P01s)). I tried to provide lower estimates. The investigators are relatively diverse with regard to age with estimated ages ranging from 41 to 74 with an estimated median age of 56. The initial group includes 13 men and 4 women.

More awards are appearing in RePORTER; 4 additional awards have appeared since I did this initial analysis so expect updates.

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  • lurker says:

    The rich and the aging are getting richer and more entrenched as usual. What a windfall the NCI R35 is for this already lucky cohort! At least the NIGMS R35 asks investigators to give something up for the greater good to get more stability. What sort of message is NCI's R35 trying to send? How is this different from R37? Jeebus - pitchforks, anyone?

  • Dave says:

    Using one of the awardees as an example, this person already has 3 R01 and a P01. With the new R35 award, this investigator is bringing in approximately $2.5 million/year in total costs. Lovely.

    Following on from the comments above, will this investigator be required to relinquish the other RPGs?

    • Noncoding Arenay says:

      A quick look at 'Additional Eligibility Requirements' in the NCI PAR says this:

      "In addition, grantee Institutions are expected to: 1) provide clear and continuing commitment to the PD/PI, for example including at least 20% salary support for the duration of the award; 2) agree to relinquish the PD/PI's existing individual NCI awards to allow them to be consolidated into the OIA."

      So, yes I suppose they will have to relinquish them unless the PIs/institutions identify any loopholes or come up up with strategies to keep the awards (perhaps by reassigning them full-time to a co-PI or selecting someone else aas PI?)

    • Cathy says:

      The House could simply refuse to pass any appropriations bills, or to increase the debt limit. Maybe a hard core of Tea Party reistrentaepves could pull the pin on that grenade. But would that cause a backlash in 2012?

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